October's Artist: Silk Painting with Emily Erb

Emily E. Erb makes large-scale, collaged silk paintings that question American historical narratives, political and social inequalities, and environmentalism. 

"One of the things I like about such a rigorous process is that by the time I am done, I know that I really meant to make it."

Emily's process begins with collaged imagery arranged inside of some larger symbol or outline. Then she traces the collage onto silk and paints with dye and finishes it all off by sewing a hem.

The piece featured in October's You're Whalecome Package is called World Map, Atlantic Ocean DetailThis image is a portion of a 14 foot world map painting on silk with Gutta Resist and dye. In this painting the continents are constructed of people sourced from the Time/Life World Book series of the late 1960's and the oceans are represented by sea creatures swimming in the direction of the currents. 

She is currently a Leonore Annenberg Fellow, and studied at Henrico School for the Arts, Tyler School of Art BFA, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts MFA. She also spoke at TEDxRVA about The Value of Silk.

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See more of Emily's work at http://www.emilyerb.com/.


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