Combining art and conservation to promote education and appreciation of whale species and the oceans.


Every week You're Whalecome explores the world of whales and marine conservation. We believe healthy oceans equal a thriving planet. It will take work from everyone to keep our planet clean and we hope to share some helpful information and tips for you to implement in your own life.

Give the gift that gives to whales! Shop our store to find something special for yourself or a loved one. As always, a 
percentage of profits are donated to marine conservation.

Join You're Whalecome to witness amazing humpback whales in Virginia Beach and learn about the local marine biology and conservation. Profits from this trip will be donated to a local marine conservation organization.

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You’re Whalecome was founded in 2017 by 3 siblings, Lloyd, Meg, and Bo Young, who all share a passion for animals, art, and our oceans. Lloyd (#lloydisagirlsname) is the oldest which naturally makes her the boss. Her experience and accomplishments as a graphic design artist and community leader over the years has prepared her to lead one ‘whale’ of a business into unchartered waters and beyond. Meg and Bo are twins but that doesn't mean they’re identical (in looks or work styles). Meg is the environmental ambassador of the company, making sure we use the best materials for our designs as well as the environment. Meg has been a leader in her beach community for years so advocating for the ocean as well as all species that inhabit in and around the ocean is a way of life for her. Bo is the master of messaging and production, ensuring everyone hears and sees how awesome You're Whalecome is. Bo’s spirit animal is a Humpback whale. 


Whales have been around for much longer than human beings and have learned to exist and communicate with each other and the habitats in which they live. They improve every ecosystem in which they exist and help regulate the flow of food by helping to maintain a stable food chain and ensuring that certain animal species do not overpopulate the ocean. You're Whalecome donates a percentage of profits to organizations that are dedicated to protect and preserve the ecosystems in oceans and seas.